About Us

Founded in 1983 as Levent shoes, our company has been taking the brand name Tirent Club in 2001. Our company has a weekly double 4800 production capacity in its structure. We produce boys and girls booties, filet, waiter, children's shoes.

We work with exclusive boutiques in the country and abroad. Some of the countries where we do production abroad:
Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, TRNC, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan

All natural leather is used inside and outside of our shoes, orthopedic, anatomic and suitable for foot health. All the products we produce are made from natural materials.Import test was conducted. It has been documented that it does not contain any carcinogens.

Our aim; To contribute to the growth of happy and healthy generations, to raise individuals who take healthy steps in the future, to support the development of right and healthy feet during childhood.

Tirenti Club is the latest trend in shoe fashion.